What is PR and why is it important?

Tune in to the video to get Krista's take what PR is and why it's important. Learn more about how Handle Your Own PR can help you.


Super Simple Campaign Creation

Follow these simple steps, built into the HYOPR platform, to name your campaign, build your media list, write your release and send it to the media.


The platform is so easy to use. You create your campaigns online, add your media release, bio and pics and then select and send your release to your target media lists. On my first week, I sent 30 -50 releases and I got 4 responses.

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Create a great story angle and write your release in the right format. Our platform will guide you through the process.

You can get us to proof read (we call it Media Release Tweaking) or we can even write your media release for you if you need it.


It’s super fast and easy to send your press release to our journalists. We have already asked them if they want to hear from business owners and the ones on our database said yes! Your release is sent from your own email address so that it won’t be seen as spam and you’ll have the best chance of getting through. Status indicators make it easy to keep track of who you’ve sent it to.​

What I got has been way better than I would have hoped! When I look at it in terms of coverage and the cost of advertising versus the cost of PR, I would say I am easily up around $8k. I definitely didn’t have that sort of money in my advertising budget…or any budget actually!


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Are your media contacts kept up to date?

What if I need to cancel my plan entirely?

How am I billed?

How do these monthly charges compare to paying an agency to do PR for me?

How do you create the media lists?

Are there overlaps between contact lists?

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